8ta airtime advance – now available online via credit card

8ta airtime is now available online via credit card

Convenience is everything to people, and if it means they don’t have to walk or drive to get what they need then it’s even better. With the advancement of technology people can now buy just about anything they want from anywhere, including the comfort of their own home. This is why 8·ta saw an opportunity to give their customers more for less by introducing an online purchase of airtime and data bundles.

The service comes with the network’s free self service portal which enables customers to buy airtime and data bundles online using their credit cards. Customers will be able to buy airtime and data bundles whenever they want, even when they have no airtime. The function; which caters for South African issued VISA and Mastercard users will improve user experience for prepaid and hybrid subscribers.

8·ta subscribers must register online and complete the SMS verification process on 8·ta’s website. Once registered subscribers will be able to top up using credit cards, redeem airtime vouchers, convert airtime into data bundles, review airtime and data bundles balances and expiry dates. Subscribers can also manage airtime and data costs on contract and prepaid products using the self service portal.

The self service portal is safe as it uses 3-D secure technology which enables credit card holders to add a password over and above the usual credit card expiry and CVV three digit numbers. This is for the subscribers’ peace of mind when disclosing their credit card details online. If the subscriber’s credit card is not 3-D verified then the portal will verify the 3-D secure password online safely.

To get more information and to register for the portal, subscribers can visit www.8ta.com

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