Choose 8ta for the affordable data bundles

It’s important to stay connected, whether on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or mac. Being on the internet for social media, apps or YouTube is rather costly when one doesn’t use data. It’s therefore vital for people to choose the right network that will offers them the most amount of data bundles at affordable prices. 8ta data bundles are some of the cheapest compared to most networks and are offered at prepaid rates so all the payments are once-off.

8ta data bundles offers 250MB for R38, 500MB for R69, and 1GB for R119 and 5GB for R349 which is an amazing deal considering that it will only cost subscribers between 7c and 15c per megabyte. For subscribers spending a lot more time online or using more data bundles while online, they can opt for the 2GB anytime data and 1GB night surfer (between 12am and 7am) for just R149. This means that subscribers are billed only 5c per megabyte. The data bundles will expire at the end of the next calendar month.

For only R999 subscribers get 25GB anytime data and 25GB night surfer which will expire six months from the date of purchase. This is a charge of 2c per megabyte while the out of data bundles rate is R1 per megabyte. To get 60MB anytime data and 60MB night surfer costs R1800 which is 3c per megabyte. The data is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

These offers don’t include a modem or any other devices. Bundles can be used where there is Telkom Mobile’s 3G coverage. To ensure that there is coverage, subscribers check on or SMS their address to 43483.

Here are three options to purchase 8ta data bundles:

  1. Dialling *180#
    select ‘bundle purchase’ –> under ‘bundle type’ option select ‘data’ –> follow on screen to complete once-off.
  2. Secondly by logging in to My Telkom Mobile self-service portal at and purchase a once-off data bundle. Thirdly by contacting the call centre on 081180 or visiting the nearest Telkom store.

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