Choose a BlackBerry Cell C Contract that suits your needs

A lot of people own smartphones and androids because they are more than about making calls. They are a means of communication though texting, BBM, social media and other services. When using a BlackBerry10 or Classic, it’s important to choose the plan that works for one’s needs. Cell C offers great plans that are really affordable for their customers.

BlackBerry Cell C Contract Classic plans are designed for the older BlackBerry handsets and plans range from R27 to R114 per month. There are four plans on BlackBerry Cell C Contract  Classic and they all include BBM, e-mail, App World, internet access and social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. For the BlackBerry Cell C Contract Social Plan which costs R27 per month customers get the basic service.

The BlackBerry Social & E-mail Plan for R37 per month includes one web-based e-mail account and for the BlackBerry Internet Service for R57 per month includes 10 web-based e-mail accounts, MSN Chat & Google Talks and Blackberry Protect. Customers paying R114 per month for the BlackBerry Enterprise Service can enjoy BIS benefits and corporate applications on condition that their business has acquired a BlackBerry BES server.

The BlackBerry10 has three new exciting service plans to choose from and they all include unlimited BBM for life, extra data on top of the monthly contract data and out of bundle data rate of 99c per megabyte. The Lite Plan costs R39 per month and includes 500MB of data and is ideal for customers that use BBM, social applications and e-mail, with very little internet browsing. On the Essential Plan which costs R57 per month customers get 1GB of data and is perfect for customers that use BBM, social applications and e-mail, with moderate internet browsing.

The Premium Plan costs R99 and includes 2GB of data and BES10. It’s created for customers that consume large amounts of data for BBM, social applications, e-mail, internet browsing and corporate use. Customers can get additional data from as little as R7.50 for 50MB and the plans are available to all prepaid, TopUp and contract customers.

To activate one of the above plans customers can dial *147# or call Cell C customer care on 140 for free. Customers can also visit their nearest Cell C store. For more information customers can visit

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