Use your device to its full potential with Cell C’s internet settings

These days, phones are more than about making calls or sending texts, but also to keep in touch with what’s happening around the world. People use their phones for applications, social media and the internet for various reasons, whether it’s for work or personal use. However this will be impossible if one does not have the right settings on their mobile phone.

Cell C internet settings are easy to request, by dialling *147# Cell C customers can have their settings send to their phones within seconds. However most android phones and tablets are unable to accept Over-The-Air settings and need to be set up manually. There are only a few easy steps to set up MMS and GPRS settings manually.

For MMS customers select ‘Settings’ on their device, choose ‘Wireless controls’, then ‘Mobile networks’ and ‘Access Point Names’. Thereafter they press the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘New APN’ and enter Cell C MMS and press ‘OK’. Select ‘APN’, enter MMS and press ‘OK’. Thereafter enter username and password; if no value is listed the field should be left blank. Select ‘MMSC’, enter and press ‘OK’. Then select ‘MMS Proxy’; enter and press ‘OK’, then select ‘MMS Port’, enter 8080 and press ‘OK’. For the type of APN select ‘APN type’, then ‘MMS’ and press ‘OK’, thereafter press ‘Menu’ and select ‘Save’ and the settings will be saved.

Settings for internet are similar except customers enter Cell C Internet as a new APN and press ‘OK’, then select ‘APN’, enter the word internet and select ‘OK’. Username and password is also left blank if there is no value listed. Customers must select ‘APN type’, select ‘default’ and press ‘OK’, then press ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Save’. Then press the radio button next to Cell C Internet to set profile as default, press ‘Home’ key then ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Browser’. Thereafter press ‘Menu’ key, select ‘More Settings’ then set home page and enter and press ‘OK’.

For more information, customers call visit their nearest Cell C store or or call customer service by dialling 140 free from their Cell C phones.

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