Game cellphone deals

Game stores offer a wide range of cell phones, smartphones and tablets that suit their customers’ liking, pockets and taste. Customers can get cell phones that are supported by Cell C and Vodacom from Game stores. What’s even better is that Game stores always offers competitive deals and their weekly specials are never disappointing.

At Game stores customers can get any brand they desire. Brands at Game stores include BlackBerry, Samsung, Alcatel, Nokia, Nokia and Sony. The latest handsets are on offer so customers are always up to date and can enjoy their new devices. Customers can also take advantage of airtime purchases on special as well as data bundles. Devices can be purchased on cash or by using a Game stores credit card which can be applied for in-store or online.

Because Game stores understand that anything can happen, they also offer cell phone insurance underwritten by the Hollard Insurance Company. Cell phone insurance from Game stores cover customers’ cell phones in the accidental damage and loss as well as theft.

To get the device of their dreams, customers can visit their nearest Game store or go to for more information and to see other special offers. To get in touch with Game stores customers can send their queries to or call 0861 426 2273 or 031 302 8991.

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