Get a blacklisted cell phone contract from National Loans

Being blacklisted makes it almost impossible for people to get cell phone contracts from cell phone networks. However National Loans gives blacklisted people a chance to own the phone they desire while also repairing their credit record. People who have been rejected by networks because of their credit history also have the benefit of enjoying the benefits of contract phones.
Whether it’s a Nokia or BlackBerry, National Loans has deals that suit all their customers’ needs. All handsets are backed by Vodacom so that customers can enjoy contract rates with prepaid benefits. There are no branch visits so people can apply online and also upload their documents to ensure a speedy application process. The online application is effortless, convenient, fast and secure.

People who qualify for a cell phone contract from National Loans must be permanently employed for at least six months, be South African citizens and between the ages of 21 and 60. Contract workers also qualify as long as they have a specific end date for their contracts. When applying, people must provide a copy of their South African ID, proof of residence, latest payslip and two months’ bank statements reflecting their salary.

To apply for a cell phone contract at National Loans people can visit For more information people can e-mail or call 018 011 1160 or fill in the online contact form and a friendly consultant will call them back. Documents can also be faxed to 086 592 1525.

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