Know your rights when getting a cell phone contract

Getting a cell phone contract can be very easy; as long as one’s credit record is spotless then it shouldn’t be a problem. However there are companies that help people who have defaulted on their payments to get cell phone contracts. These contracts also help blacklisted people to improve on their credit ratings. It’s important for people to know what they are getting into when they sign on the dotted line for their cell phone contracts.

It is such a great feeling when one is approved for a cell phone contract and an even greater feeling when it is delivered. It’s important that people know their rights and also read the fine print on their contracts to ensure that they are not taken for a ride or are being scammed. This is where the Consumer Protection Act comes into play. It protects the consumer’s rights to ensure that they are not being taken advantage of.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, cell phone contracts are fixed term agreements and currently run for a period of 24 months, this is from the day that the consumer signs the paperwork. The Act stipulates that the contract may not continue for a longer than the stipulated period unless there is an agreement between the consumer and supplier and that the consumer benefits financially from it.

The consumer also has the right to cancel the agreement with the supplier without giving reasons, as long as the supplier gets at least 20 working days’ notice in writing. A supplier may also cancel the agreement with 20 working days’ written notice is the consumer fails to remedy a material breach on their part.
In the event of a cancelled contract, the consumer remains liable for the amount owed up to the date of cancellation. The supplier must also credit the consumer any amounts due to the consumer up to the date of cancellation. The supplier may not charge the consumer the full remaining amount when they terminate the agreement.

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