Get a special 2 in 1 package deal from Loan Choice SA

Nothing beats an institution that caters for its while offering great service for value. While sometimes people make the wrong choices, it is from those choices that they learn. So when one finds themselves needing hassle-free financial assistance or affordable legal advice, it can be a bit of a task because they will need two institutions. This is why Loan Choice SA offers a special package deal for clients, which combines the two together.

Applying for finance can require one to do a lot of work, including finding the right financial institution, while finding affordable legal advice is almost impossible. For only R399 a year, Loan Choice SA offers both services to their clients. Clients can get paralegal and loan finding services through an online application. Everything takes place telephonically and through Loan Choice SA’s website, thereby eliminating clients having to deal with long queues and stacks of documents.

Loan Choice SA ensures that the application process is absolutely easy and they also pride themselves in privacy and confidentiality while delivering the best services. Loan Choice SA’s team of highly skilled experts is always ready to assist clients. Their specialities include telephone advice assistance services such as paralegal, personal injury, motor vehicle accident claim and conveyance. During the duration of the package, clients also use a loan finding service.

Loan Choice SA debits the clients’ accounts once a year indefinitely or until the clients terminate the contracts. Clients can also pay by means of Easy Pay Payment or Money Transfer at any Post Office, Shoprite, Checkers, Pick & Pay or Woolworths stores in South Africa, using the clients’ Loan Hub SA “reference number” as the account number for the payment. Alternatively clients can make cash payments or EFT transfers into Loan Choice SA’s account.

Clients can request, in writing and accompanied by certified ID copy, a copy of their credit report by e-mailing . For more details, clients can send an e-mail to or call 0869 990 550. The online application form can be completed at

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