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Running out of airtime while on a call can be a bit of an embarrassment, whether on a private or business call. Cell phone contracts make it easier for people to talk longer at a cheaper rate than prepaid. Mobilechoice offers their clients 24 month contract phone which are top up packages. While Mobilechoice doesn’t accept any new applications, they still assist their current client base with upgrades and other products.

The Mobilechoice contract phone are perfect, especially for clients who have been blacklisted or struggle to get contract phone from established networks. The packages are designed to offer low call rates to clients and are available on Vodacom. Cell phone contracts offered by Mobilechoice allow clients to easily move away from the more expensive prepaid packages to the affordable contract packages.

Clients get a certain amount of airtime on a monthly basis for the duration of the contract. Once the airtime has depleted, clients are still able to recharge with a prepaid voucher. This saves clients’ money because they cannot go over and above the airtime received from Mobilechoice and therefore cannot deviate from their monthly budget. Clients also pay a fixed amount during the term of the contract phone.

Mobilechoice offers Android products, Samsung, Windows, Nokia and Compaq. When clients are due for an upgrade a Mobilechoice consultant will call them inform them of the latest product offerings. Clients will also receive an SMS informing them that they are due for an upgrade. To find out when they are due for an upgrade, clients can call the Mobilechoice customer service centre on 086 111 1174 . For more information visit

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