Get more out of life with MTN’s BlackBerry plans

People do so much with their phones, from calling to texting to spending hours on end on social media. While they are always on their phones, people would also like to save money because data bundles can be quite costly. MTN has introduced some affordable plans for BlackBerry users that suit the lifestyles, needs and personalities of their customers.

Customers that enjoy chatting to friends and family on BBM and hardly use the internet can take advantage of MTN’s cheapest BlackBerry plan for only R14.95 per month. With the BlackBerry Messaging plan, customers get access to BBM and one web-based e-mail account such as Gmail as well as 30MB of data. The social media fanatics can enjoy the MTN BlackBerry plans for R19.95 per month, which includes 40MB of data. On this plan customers get access to BBM, BlackBerry Email, Browser, BlackBerry |World and BlackBerry Social Networking.

The BlackBerry Social Media and Email plan costs only R29.95 per month which includes 100MB and is ideal for customers who always use BBM, emails and social media. With this MTN BlackBerry plans customers will get BBM, BlackBerry Email, Browser, BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Social Networking and one web-based email account. BIS Lite gives customers access to the full BIS at a cheaper price. For R39.95 per month customers will get 200MB of data, BBM, BlackBerry Email, Instant Messaging, Browser, BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Social Networking, 9 web-based email accounts and BlackBerry Protect.

To activate one of the above plans customers can dial *141*2# free from their MTN BlackBerry plans. For more information customers can visit their nearest MTN store or or by calling customer care free from their MTN phones on 1555.

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