Become familiar with MTN USSD codes

People use their phones differently and while most people use them for the same things, it’s important to be in the know about all the functionalities. People can load airtime, check balances and send call-back requests by using technology that allows them to access various services through the use of short codes. This technology is called Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD and it usually begins with a star sign (*) and ends with a hash sign (#). MTN like any other network has a set of their own USSD codes.

MTN USSD codes sessions are charged at 20 cents per 20 seconds, inclusive of VAT while other USSD codes are free. Free MTN USSD codes include codes for loading airtime, checking balances and sending call-back requests. USSD allows MTN and 3rd party partner, content and application providers to offer services to customers, which includes menu-type applications such as information requests, portal-type requests and banking applications.

Customers are billed when they initiate a MTN USSD session or directly request a forward billed number. Some menus are premium rated and the rate will be included in the menu. Customers have 30 seconds in between sessions when using USSD, after which the session will expire. The session starts after pressing the ‘Call’, ‘OK’ or ‘Reply’ button.

MTN USSD codes will only work on MTN registered SIM cards and will not work on other networks or pay phones. MTN roaming customers will not always be able to use USSD service as some GSM networks don’t support USSD as a bearer. To get more information about MTN USSD codes customers can call 1555, go to or visit their nearest MTN store.

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