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People who are blacklisted have it the hardest as applying for credit anywhere can be a nightmare. Most institutions don’t want to lend them money because of previous defaults, regardless of whether they can afford to repay the loan. No Credit Check Loans 4 U is different and they offer a variety of loans to people, including those for are blacklisted, with same day responses

No Credit Check Loans 4 U offers payday loans of up to R1 000 for first time applicants, which can increase up to R15 000 for regular clients. The money is received on the same day by the client and is payable on their next pay day. People in need of a personal cash loans can get up to R50 000. Quick instant loans of up to R200 000 are also on offer.

No Credit Check Loans 4 U also offers online and blacklisted loans and no ITC checks are performed. Blacklisted people are encouraged to apply as they have a higher chance of getting a favourable response. People must however meet No Credit Check Loans 4 U’s criteria. Applicants must be South African citizens who are employed, over the age of 18 and not older than 65. Pensioners, people under debt review or administration are not eligible for a loan from No Credit Check Loans 4 U.

For more information and to complete the online application, people can visit

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