Virgin mobile cell phone contracts

Others call it a cellular phone, others call it a cell phone while others prefer to call it a hand phone, whatever name one chooses to call it, there is no denying the fact that this gadget has tremendously altered the daily life of human beings. It is therefore not surprising that Virgin which is a renowned global business house decided to come on board as a service provider.

Virgin mobile cell phone contracts

In a bid to empower as many people as possible with these communication gadgets, this business entity introduced its own unique range of cellphone contracts. Some of the cellphone brands offered on contract include Samsung, LG, and Lumia.

The Samsung offer is for a Samsung Galaxy S5 which is valued at R10199 with a starter pack included.This phone contract requires that a client pays R499 per month for a period of 24 months. Clients who sign up for this contract enjoy R100 anytime airtime per month, 512 megabytes free data per month and 1000 free V2V minutes.

LG contract is for a G3 beat valued at R4,399 and includes a starter pack. Repayment is at R319 per month for 24 months. Other benefits include R150 anytime airtime per month,150 megabyte free data per month, 319 free V2V minutes,1 free gig on the 1st of every month for 6 months.

From the Nokia brand comes the Lumia 630 contract.This phone is valued at R2,399 and has a starter pack included.The payment structure is set at R209 per month for 24 months. Benefits under this arrangement include R200 anytime airtime per month, 200 megabyte free data per month as well as 209 free V2V minutes.

To access these cellphone contracts, Virgin can be contacted on 0741000123.

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