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Stay connected with Vodacom’s airtime advance
There is nothing worse than not having airtime to talk to family or friends, especially if it’s late and one can’t buy airtime. And with the growth of technology, it’s almost useless to own a phone but can’t chat or browse the internet. Luckily Vodacom has airtime advance, which let’s subscribers purchase airtime on their cell phone and only pay for it on their next recharge.

Subscribers can get airtime advance of R5 or R10 from Vodacom with a service fee of only R1. This means that subscribers will not be frustrated when they run out of airtime. To qualify for airtime advance, the subscribers’ SIM card must be registered for RICA and have been active on the network for six months or more. Subscribers must also recharge with at least R29 per month for three months.

Subscribers dial *111# from their cell phone to see if they qualify and to get airtime advance. It only takes a minute and the airtime will appear on their balance. If a subscriber gets R10 airtime advance and recharges with a R12 voucher at a later stage, Vodacom will deduct the R10 airtime advance plus R1 service fee. Therefore the subscriber will have R1 available balance. Subscribers only qualify for the next airtime advance after their previous balance has been settled.

The service is available to Vodacom prepaid and uChoose top up subscribers. uChoose subscribers must have been active on the network, be registered for RICA and their account must have been paid up to the month prior in order to qualify for airtime advance.

For more information on airtime advance subscribers can call Vodacom customer service on 082 111. Full terms and conditions are available on www.vodacom.co.za.

Tems and conditions my be found here

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